Gas Cylinders

Aarke Cylinder Exchange

You can shop your first gas cylinder from us and use our exchange service with Cervera, when your Aarke gas cylinder is empty.

Simply visit your nearest Cervera store and exchange your empty gas cylinder for a full one at checkout. The cost of this exchange cylinder will be cheaper than buying a new cylinder.

Carbonator 3

Carbonator Pro

Renewable CO2 Ecosystem

1. CO₂ in the atmosphere

2. Natural crops

Fields of crops such as wheat or corn, absorb the CO₂.

3. Harvesting

Farmers harvest the crops.

4. Fermentation

The harvest is processed and releases CO₂.

5. Capturing CO₂

The CO₂ is captured as a by-product from the fermentation.

6. Renewable CO₂

The biogenic CO₂ is turned into fresh, tasteless gas for carbonation.

7. Drinking sparkling water

The CO₂ is released when the sparkling water is consumed.

8. The Renewable CO₂ Ecosystem starts over.