Aarke kolsyrepatron
Aarke kolsyrepatron

Aarke CO2 Cylinder

100% Renewable CO2

Regular price 250 kr
Standard 400-425g/60L Aarke screw-in gas cylinder for sparkling water makers. Made from 100% Renewable CO2. 

This product is only available for the Swedish market.

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Aarke Cylinder Exchange

You can shop your first gas cylinder from us and use our exchange service with Cervera, when your Aarke gas cylinder is empty simply visit your nearest Cervera store and exchange your empty gas cylinder for a full one at checkout. The cost of an exchange cylinder will be cheaper than buying a new one.

More bubbles, less plastic

One CO2 cylinder used to power the Aarke Carbonator will provide you with around 60 refills of our PET Water Bottle. So, if you're regularly drinking sparkling water, the Aarke home carbonation system can reduce the size of your recycling pile by almost 100 small single use plastic bottles per cylinder.

100% Renewable CO2

Our CO2 is exclusively produced from renewable resources in Europe. This means that the gas comes from sources that are already in the ecosystem. We’re not adding any unnecessary CO2 to the atmosphere.

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