Aarke PET water bottle
Aarke PET water bottle and a drinking glass
Aarke PET water bottle
Aarke PET water bottle and a drinking glass

PET Water Bottle

Water bottle for Carbonator 3

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Designed with clean, uninterrupted lines, the Aarke PET Bottle is built to be the perfect fit for both our Carbonator 3 and your lifestyle. Made of high-quality PET plastic, our bottle is specifically engineered for safe use with our Carbonator I, II and 3 sparkling water-makers.

We only use food-grade, virgin PET. This means that our bottles are non-toxic, BPA-free and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Our bottles have also been tested and approved according to the German LFGB standard, California Prop 65 and FDA CFR 21.

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Less plastic

The CO2 cylinders that fit Aarkes machines are enough to carbonate your water bottle about 60 times.

If you drink carbonated water often, a carbonation machine from Aarke can reduce your recycling pile by up to 100 small disposable bottles per cylinder.

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