FAQ and Troubleshooting


How to turn off the beeping signal? 

The beeping notification can be disabled by a long press of the power base button. When the beeping notification is turned off this is indicated by one single beep. If you decided to turn off the sound signal, an LED-light on the base will let you know when the Kettle has reached your selected temperature setting. It blinks in the process of heating up the water and becomes stable when the set temperature is reached.

All the lights on my Kettle are on and blinking abnormally, what does it mean? 

It means that the dry boil protection has been enabled, most likely because there was no or too little water when you tried to boil the Kettle.   

To restore the normal functionality of the Kettle: 

1. Please remove the Kettle from the base and let it cool down for 15 minutes (please do not pour any water inside until fully cooled down). 

2. Then, unplug the base from the power outlet and wait for the lights to stop blinking. 

3. After the lights have stopped blinking the base can be plugged back in and, once it has fully cooled down, the Kettle can be placed back on the base and used as usual.

4. Please make sure the amount of water you’re heating up is always above the minimum line. 

Note: If any solids have stained the bottom of the Kettle, before the dry boil protection was enabled, let the Kettle cool down for at least 15 minutes and scrub it off with a dishwashing sponge. Rinse clean, before using the Kettle again.  

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